Friday, January 30, 2009

My first etsy sale!

Horray!! I have gotten my first etsy sale.

I thought I was invisible.

Here is what I sold. 8x10 of Beautiful Blue

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blazing Beauty

This is "Blazing Beauty"

I was out a day this past summer. I took about 100 pictures. When I brought the camera back inside I thougt the majority of the pics were awful. Then this one came up. I was really taken aback. I think it is absolutely beautiful. It gave me the confidence to keep taking pictures and adding photography to the list of things I am pretty good at.

Here she is...

Well Off I go

Well I'm now officially a blogger!

I have just started my own art studio this past fall and I have realized that opening a business in the middle of a huge recession may not have been the best idea but it's mine and I love it with all of my heart.

Since I am working full time with my art I am creatively finding ways to expand that I may not have looked at before. I am also making things that I had not interest in doing before but now I find that as long as it is helping me live my dream I love it.

I am teaching different kinds of art including cartoon drawing for kids, which might I add is a blast. Although with the boys even the nicest of characters end up with guns and horns.

I have started going to personal care and retirement homes to teach and found it is much more fun and rewarding than I would've thought.

I have also Started a full line of Fine Art Photography Greeting Cards. As I was talking to Diana yesterday I never really knew that I had an eye until I got my new camera with super macro. I usually don't pat myself on the back but this time I can't help myself.

I am starting my shops in ebay and etsy under Urbanek Design
It is kind of scary since I've only really dabbled in it a little but I think the time is now to dive right in.

Right now I have listed Hand stamped notecards and Fine art photography. I will be adding quite a few paintings and greeting cards within the month. So please visit UrbanekDesign at etsy or ebay so see what is offered