Thursday, October 11, 2012

Manifestation, Visualization and Meditation. Trying to find center

I USED to meditate a lot. And I will accentuate the USED part of that. I would simply listen to a guided meditation a couple of times and light my candles. I felt such a connection to spirit with those little changes to my life. For no reason I just let the practice go away. In that time I have felt the spiritual disconnect. I told myself I will get back to it but I didn't. So. I had to force my own hand. I started a meditation and visualization & manifestation group on facebook. I am making myself accountable for getting back to spirit by trying to help others do it. I made the group a week ago. I have been following a lot of the practices I have added and I feel that old spark of connectivity to spirit again. With just a few minutes a day. It makes me very hopeful!