Monday, January 23, 2012

My first artist date (well sort of...)

I know there are many things you are supposed to do on the artist date.
1st. You fill up your well...
2nd. Go where you feel special and inspired
3rd. You must do it alone.

Well... I really didn't follow the rules for my first artist date. AND it wasn't really a date. It was two days in my home where I hardly had to leave (that NEVER happens)I certainly wasn't alone, My kids were all over the place but that's ok

So this is what I did

I cleaned out my email inbox
I volunteered to help at a local art show
I made up the Feb. schedule for my studio including details of the Make A Wish Art Show
I made two new business appointments with potential Nursing homes
Took care of several emails that I had put off
I did 4 loads of laundry.
NOW to add the fun stuff.
I completed my first project in my lifebook class
I worked on the doodles for "The sketchbook challenge"
I read some more of taw
Looked at lots of art and some videos.

I know there was supposed to be a different way to do that BUT I just got to meander through 2 days of art and chores and the art made the chores not so bad.

I may never get two days where I'm not constantly running again but I really took advantage of these ones.
AND I'm a pretty good date.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thoughts of my first morning pages

I think it is a sign that about a month ago someone sent me the exerpt about morning pages (a few posts below) and a couple weeks after that I was invited to a facebook group that will be discussing "The Artists Way"

I had never heard of the book and even though I put the info on my blog I still didn't do the pages. I guess I just waited for my New Years resolutions to kick in and then I would start.

I woke up this morning ready to start my new life. I cleared out my email inbox of tons of stupid and spammy emails. And then it was time to do my pages. Well they didn't end up the way I though. There was no warm and fuzzy just unadulterated anger at myself. I ripped myself apart. This inner voice completely trashed my and all of my past behavior and lack there of. I am really hoping that this was my critics way of purging out all of the old and I really really really hope that it's not this mean to me ever again.

Iwill do them every day but if this meany doesn't let up I don't think I will be able to take the daily bashing.

So if this didn't put you off. come over to the group and get your creativity on.