Saturday, January 16, 2010

Featured Etsy artist

Well I saw this artist and love the work. I think because I'm starting to make some cute felties and this work is really motivating.

Here's some info and check them out on etsy


My art and craft comes from fantasy driven ideas and exploration of my imagination. I like to be different and have my own take on things! I adore whimsical and love to escape from reality, in my work. I think it's important to lose yourself in your craft and enjoy every moment!
I design my own art and patterns and sew by hand, sometimes machine.
I am inspired by the 'BLOOMSBURY GROUP' of artists and writers, Duncan Grant,Carrington,Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf leading the way. I appreciate all forms of art and can see beauty in most things.
I love to make things and take pride in what I do.
I love custom orders! They bring out the best in me!!