Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time to make the donuts!!!

I at some point decided I could be super-woman. ha!! Not! Within the first year of opening my studio I also thought it would be a great idea to also co-open a pre-school all while taking care of my 3 kids as a weekday widow. (my husband travels)


Good Grief.

So have you heard Jack of all trades but master of none...Well that is what I became. I completely lost focus. I wasn't able to completely concentrate on the studio because I also had the preschool. I wasn't able to concentrate enough on the preschool because I had my studio. And my house looked like it could be condemned and those pesky kids of mine. They actually had the nerve to think there should be some kind of dinner served.

I became completely lost and felt like a complete failure.
So I have left the preschool to completely concentrate on working as an art teacher. I am a little scared but this is my love and it's what I need to do. So I have a couple new classes I am working on and I really feel free. I am so lucky. Now lets hope the jobs come my way so I don't h ave to go and work at the food court at the mall