Friday, June 1, 2012

29 Faces in May!!!! Done!

Wow!! I can't believe it. I signed up for 29 faces in May. I ended up with 33! I"m so proud of myself. It really opened me up to just being creative and letting my muse flow through me. Everytime I am sitting down to paint, I always have an end product in mind. Either for a painting to sell or a class to teach. I never just paint for paints sake. Not this time. I just needed to finish it. So I just kept going. Last week while I was away I sat down (while watching The Woman in Black) and did 16!!! It took me a couple of days to paint them in but they were all drawn in a 2 hour period! I didn't worry about the end result. These characters just kept coming out. People that were absolutely not my style at all. Some of them are quite androgenous some a little creepy and a couple I'm not to fond of but I just kept going until the well ran dry. I am so happy with the result. Some I really really love. Some are so so and I may jush up. Some I may just paint over. But I did it!!! Yay me!