Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Faces faces faces. Loving making faces

Well I'm trudging on with these faces. I had some good progress today. I did my first ever pencil portrait. I have never shaded with pencil before and left it just as a drawing. I'm pretty happy with her too! I then did a face from Fab. Faces from Tam. I love her. She may be my favorite thing I've ever painted. Then it was An Angel from Angels in my studio. Then I thought, Well I'm on a high note why don't I do another face from fab faces. I'm was crushed. I had just gained some confidence just to have it crushed. I guess I pulled her through ok but I was not happy with her. So I sulked and did a Frankenstein Face for a kids class. I'm up to 11 faces now and i'm going to keep on going. I need to grow as an artist and this will help me to do it.

Divine Guidance.. Maybe I should listen

Well Angels I do hear you. I just need to do what you say!!! I have been using these Fairy cards for the last several years. I have a few different decks but these ones really resonate for me. Sometimes they bring me to tears. I have been keeping track of the readings I have done for the last year. I draw 3 cards a couple times a month for some guidance and insight. In the last year I've drawn the vegetarian card 9 times!! I'm trying I'm trying. Today I was very aprehensive to read the cards. That has never happened to me before so I thought, well, I better find out what they want to tell me. Usually I only pick 3 cards but for some reason I had to pick 2 more. Today as usual was a wonderful reading for me. Basically the gist of it was... Get rid of your old luggage, practice and grow your business and you will be financially successful. I couldn't have asked for more. Now I have to do it. AND drop the meat. So now that they've given me the guidance I wish they would grab me by the hand and nudge me to keep up with it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Angels in my Studio and 29 faces of May

Well as you can tell, I didn't win a free spot, but it's ok. I love this class and I love my first Angels inspired by Kristen Powers. The whole class is so beautiful and uplifting. I have also joined 29 faces in May so I force myself to practice but I also have been missing my Lifebook class. I need more time. Today I have a pretty gnarly migraine but it was my only day home for the whole week so I wouldn't let myself put off my last two little angels. I'm hoping to get in a realistic face this evening. So here are my little Angels. I haven't named them yet. Any suggestions?