Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Such a crazy life!

You know just when I didn't think I could cram anything else into my schedule...
I thought things were going to lighten up when hockey and basketball season came to an end but no luck. We had all of the St. Patricks day festivities (daughter is an Irish dancer) then my son broke his foot. UGH. Well his foot is about better and he is starting track and soccer and this year he is a soccer ref. I know he's only 14 but can I just give him the keys? Kelsie is about to be in her talent show at school. 2 separate show performances with her dance school as well as her yearly recital then we have a bout 5 competitions for her to dance in... On top of that I am increasing the number of classes I am teaching at my studio as well as finishing up the summer schedule. I know I'm ranting but I just needed to vent. On a good note I got to go to the flower show twice and got some really beautiful shots. I'll put a new one on here. Let me know what you think.
Happy Tuesday

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