Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Divine Guidance.. Maybe I should listen

Well Angels I do hear you. I just need to do what you say!!! I have been using these Fairy cards for the last several years. I have a few different decks but these ones really resonate for me. Sometimes they bring me to tears. I have been keeping track of the readings I have done for the last year. I draw 3 cards a couple times a month for some guidance and insight. In the last year I've drawn the vegetarian card 9 times!! I'm trying I'm trying. Today I was very aprehensive to read the cards. That has never happened to me before so I thought, well, I better find out what they want to tell me. Usually I only pick 3 cards but for some reason I had to pick 2 more. Today as usual was a wonderful reading for me. Basically the gist of it was... Get rid of your old luggage, practice and grow your business and you will be financially successful. I couldn't have asked for more. Now I have to do it. AND drop the meat. So now that they've given me the guidance I wish they would grab me by the hand and nudge me to keep up with it.

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