Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Faces faces faces. Loving making faces

Well I'm trudging on with these faces. I had some good progress today. I did my first ever pencil portrait. I have never shaded with pencil before and left it just as a drawing. I'm pretty happy with her too! I then did a face from Fab. Faces from Tam. I love her. She may be my favorite thing I've ever painted. Then it was An Angel from Angels in my studio. Then I thought, Well I'm on a high note why don't I do another face from fab faces. I'm was crushed. I had just gained some confidence just to have it crushed. I guess I pulled her through ok but I was not happy with her. So I sulked and did a Frankenstein Face for a kids class. I'm up to 11 faces now and i'm going to keep on going. I need to grow as an artist and this will help me to do it.

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